Thank you!!!

We'd like to say "thank you" to the staff of, and all who came out to Swallow East last night! An epic evening for all.

We'll be at the Montauket, Saturday, July 23rd for the sunset happy hour and then comes August!

August will be a big month for us...we're at:

•Zum Schneider, Montauk -Saturday, Aug. 6th

•Private Party-Sunday, Aug. 7th

•Marine Park, Sag Harbor, Thursday, Aug.11th

•Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett,  Thursday, Aug. 18th

•The Montauket,  Montauk, Saturday, Aug. 20th

  And then after 6 or so years of asking and being persistent, I got us a big cooperate show in Chicago!(with a little help from our fan, Erin Schule) Every year, Aquascape Inc., has their "family reunion", the biggest water garden industry, learning event, called Pondemonium. I've been attending this event for 15 years now and it dawned on me 5-6 years ago, that my band should be there. This year also marks a major's Aquascape's 25th anniversary! So I figured it out...after all the years of asking Greg Wittstock, the owner, for my band to play, he was just holding out on me!!

Anyway,  The Realm will be heading of to Chicago for 2 shows, August 26th and 27th!!!

Now, as Woody, Matt, and Jim are jetted off to Chicago,  I will be driving the equipment out on monday...we will keep you all posted on our journey!!