The Realm hit the local music scene in 1991 at West Virginia University primarily as a "cover band". They developed a large enthusiastic following which allowed them to play similar gigs at various local colleges in the region. The band soon began playing larger shows for upwards of 1000 people, integrating their quickly developing self-written tunes in with covers of other bands such as;  Pearl Jam, Live, and The Police. It was at this point in their musical genesis that The Realm began to see enthusiastic responses to their original tunes from the audience. 

The band relocated to Long Island, New York in 1995 to further hone their musical skills and song writing talents. They began playing more prestigious gigs at New York area clubs such as The Mercury Lounge and Arlines Grocery. The famed Stephen Talk House offered them the opportunity to share the stage with music legends such as Eric Burden, Dave Mason, ans The Fixx.

The year of 1999 was a banner year for The Realm as it saw the release of their first full-length CD, "Under The Sun". This dynamic 12 song effort earned the band increasing fan support under air-play on Long Island's WBAB radio station. They were selected by the station to be played on their nightly "Home Grown" segment for four consecutive nights, a tribute to the versatility and unique substance of the release.

In their 25 year history, The Realm has developed an original sound that inspires and excites listeners of all types of music. The band's popularity is peaking due to frequent appearances at clubs throughout the New York area. They are currently working on new material while further spreading the sound of The Realm.